NEW! My BEST Life Vision Board + Planner Mega Bundle

NEW! My BEST Life Vision Board + Planner Mega Bundle

My BEST Life - Vision Board + Manifestation Planner MEGA Bundle

Create your Best Life Ever with our awesome Vision Board and Manifestation Planner MEGA Bundle.  

Includes Vision Board Templates, Vision Board Ebook/ Workbook, 80 High-resolution Illustration Graphics, Manifestation Planner, and Affirmations Pages.  This is a Digital Product.

For a detailed description of the product click this link or refer to the information below:

Vision Board

  • 4 Unique Vision Board Templates in Canva
  • All templates come in US Letter (8.5 x 11 in), A4, and Screen Saver (1024 x 768 px) sizes
  • Templates are fully customizable in Canva
  • Unique designs that you can adjust to make your own
  • Some fun graphic elements included in the design or add some additional ones from our provided illustrations
  • Use them digitally or print them out
  • PLR Rights to create your own product


  • 80 Hand-drawn, and high-quality illustrations including 40 Inspirational Illustrations, 20 Abstract illustrations, 8 Frame Illustrations, and 12 Power Word Illustrations.  Illustrations that can be mixed and matched easily.  All images are formatted as outlined below:
    • PNG format at 300 ppi
    • Transparent backgrounds
    • Versatile files that can be used in any program where PNG files can be used (such as Canva, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and More!) 
    • Increase and decrease images without losing resolution
  • 2 Cover Patterns
  • An Illustration/Asset Guide (PDF) so you can easily view at a glance what illustrations are offered and plan how to use them.
  • All Illustrations come with PLR / Commercial Use Rights + Extended License!

Vision Board E-Book & Workbook

  • 22-page Vision E-Book and Workbook 
  • Includes Various exercises for reflection, goal-setting, and creating your Vision Board
  • Tips on creating your Vision Board
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • PDF Format

Manifestation Planner

  • Customizable Canva Templates
  • Templates Available in US Letter (8.5 x 11 in) and A4 formats
  • 25 Unique Pages
  • 2 Cover Options
  • Semi-minimalistic design so you can customize and/or brand as desired
  • Fun features such as Gratitude Jar, Checks from the Universe, and SMART goals
  • For Private and Commercial Use 

Affirmations Pages

  • Customizable Canva Templates
  • Templates Available in US Letter (8.5 x 11 in) and A4 formats
  • 3 Unique Pages
  • Can be printed out and cut into cards
  • For Private and Commercial Use 

For this product you will receive:

  • Dropbox link containing the following elements:
    • 80 hand-drawn illustrations in PNG format at 300 ppi with transparent backgrounds
    • Vision Board E-book & Workbook PDF
    • 2 Cover Patterns in JPEG format 
    • A PDF Asset/Illustration Guide to show all of the available illustrations so you can plan your products
    • PLR Rights Info
  • Canva Templates will be delivered via Links for the following products:
    • Manifestation Planner
    • Affirmation Pages


Illustration Licensing Rights

  • YES Illustrations and Patterns come with an Extended License and may be used to create End Products for Sale that may be sold an unlimited number of times
  • YES Illustrations and Patterns can be used in PLR, Commercial, and Private products
  • YES Final products incorporating illustrations and Patterns can be branded as your own
  • NO The Extended Rights to the Illustrations and Patterns can not be passed on
  • NO The illustrations and Patterns themselves or the bundle of Illustrations can not be resold or given away
  • NO Cannot share the download page with others
  • NO Illustrations and patterns can not be copyrighted
  • NO Illustrations can not be used in a Logo
  • NO The finished products cannot mention the name Blooming Creativity or Alexis Glenn

PLR Rights for Templates

  • YES Canva templates can be used to make your own private or commercial end products
  • YES Completed product can be sold or given away in PDF format or as a physical or POD product
  • YES Text and images in end product can be altered and/or deleted
  • YES End product can be branded as your own
  • YES End product can be added to paid or free membership sites
  • YES Can be bundled with other products in PDF form
  • NO Cannot be copyrighted
  • NO Download pages can not be shared with others
  • NO PLR rights can not be passed on to others whether for sale, for free, or in a membership site. You can only sell or give away a completed end product. The Canva templates and PNG files can not be passed on
  • NO Graphic elements cannot be deconstructed or extracted to use in other projects
  • NO the finished product can not mention Blooming Creativity or Alexis Glenn

Note: Once you complete the purchase, you will receive instant access to the product in your Blooming Creativity account. Due to the digital nature and instant download of this product, all sales are final and no refunds are offered. 



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